Desheng School (International)

School Management Team



Desheng School (International) [DSI] is organized in a student-centric structure to provide a holistic education to its students. The school management team comprises the following members:



The Management Team has essentially two wings, namely the School Wing and the Curriculum Wing. The School Wing is headed by the Executive Principal, supported by an Assistant Principal. This wing comprises the Directors and Assistant Directors of the three mini-schools, namely Middle School, Junior High and Senior High School. The School Wing looks after the holistic education of the students.


The Curriculum Wing is formed by curriculum leaders who are known as Principal Consultants. They are coached by the Director of Education. The Principal Consultants’ main duties include ensuring the quality of curriculum under their charge, and serve as mentors to teachers who are less experienced. In addition, they also take care of other duties like scheme of work for the various subjects, curriculum development and research, as well as examination matters.