Desheng School (International)

School Organisation



Desheng School (International) [DSI] is organized in a student-centric structure to provide a holistic education to its students. The organization structure is as follows:






Under this structure, teachers are expected to lead, care and inspire students to be active, compassionate and life-long learners.


Essentially teachers and students are organized into three mini-schools, namely Middle School (for Grade 7 & 8 students), Junior High School (for Grade 9 & 10 students) and Senior High School (for Grade 11 & 12 students).


Each mini-school is headed by a Director who oversees the total development of the students under his/her charge. The focus of the Middle School is to provide a solid foundation upon which the students develop their capabilities to take on the challenges in the Junior and Senior High Schools.



When the students complete their Middle School education, they would have been empowered with strong values and a good command of the English language to pursue their passion and learn to be compassionate in the Junior High School. Finally they will reach the Senior High School to take on the challenges of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.


Teachers in their respective mini-schools report to their Directors or Assistant Directors. They are supported by a team of curriculum leaders known as Principal Consultants. These Principal Consultants, formerly known as Heads of Department, will ensure the quality of curriculum under their charge, and serve as mentors to teachers who are less experienced. Besides taking care of administrative duties like scheme of work and examination, their duties also include professional develop of the teachers. The Principal Consultants are coached by the Director of Education.


Principal Consultants are assisted by some consultants and subject coordinators. Subject Coordinators are essentially teachers who help manage the administrative details like scheme of work, exam and facilitating staff development sessions. Consultants, on the other hand, are experienced teachers who are able to conduct training and may also serve as mentors to those who are less experienced, over and above what Coordinators are doing.


The school is guided by the concept of Servant Leadership so that all teachers can be enabled and empowered to look after their students. All Key Personnel (KP) know that one of their main duties is to develop the teachers under their care. A successful KP is one who develops and empowers his/her staff to exceed their potential and serve the school with great passion.