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Student Leadership Department




What is SLD for?


DSI’s Desired Student Outcomes of every student aspiring to be a scholar, a leader, and a global citizen challenges the Student Leadership Department to put in place programmes where we strive beyond simply fostering student leadership skills, but which encapsulates the vision in full with civic engagement, both globally and locally. The Student Leadership Department provides platforms for students to enhance and cultivate interpersonal relationships between people of various cultural background, all in an effort to create an environment for multicultural engagement, through servant leadership. 



Student Leaders Training Roadmap










Student Leadership Programmes


Ÿ Desheng Ambassadors

Desheng Ambassadors Programme is offered to all Grade 7 and 8 students to raise their awareness of respect, integrity, and self-discipline. The programme aims to better equip students for future leadership roles. Ambassadors will be trained to work respectfully and serve school events responsibly. Ambassadors who fulfill more than 10 hours of service in school will be awarded certificates which better assist them to apply for higher level of leadership roles.



Ÿ Student Council Traineeship

Student Council Traineeship offers Grade 7 to Grade 9 students access to the highest office of student leadership, to realise their abilities and make contributions to Student Council and the school. Trainees who display excellence, and have made outstanding contributions will receive the Student Councils endorsement during the Student Council Elections.



2017-2018 Student Council Trainees



Ÿ Student Council

The Student Council is the highest office of student leadership. We have numerous opportunities for students to gain leadership experiences with civic engagement, while working in a governing body. We offer many services to students and organizations, such as promoting events and student welfare. We listen to the opinions and concerns of the student body and acts on behalf of the students on an administrative level. We behave reflectively, voice resoundingly, and serve responsibly.



The 5th Student Council Members




The 5th Student Council Organisation Chart




Student Leadership Development and Activities



Development and Activities



Student Council Activities

Ÿ Grade 7 students orientation week

Ÿ The 6th Student Council Presidential Campaign

Ÿ The 6th Student Council Councilor and Trainee Recruitment

Ÿ The 6th Student Council Investiture


Student Leadership Development

Ÿ Leadership series - Part I




Student Council Activities

Ÿ 2018 Christmas Ball


Student Leadership Development

Ÿ Student Council Student Leadership Camp

Ÿ Leadership series - Part II




Student Council Activities

Ÿ 2018 Running Start


Student Leadership Development

Ÿ DSI Student Leadership Camp

Ÿ Leadership series - Part III




Student Council Activities

Ÿ 2018 Seniors’ Night (Grade 12 students’ graduation dinner)


Student Leadership Development

Ÿ Student Leaders Convention

Ÿ Leadership series - Part IV



The opportunities in DSI to foster values and initiative, through servant leadership, stretching the capacity of the individual, are limitless. We hope that while they walk in mere students, they leave as Scholars, Leaders, and Global Citizens.