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Overseas Education Programme (OEP)


OEP is designed to help our students discover the global diversity and develop a genuine understanding of the people, the culture and the heritage outside the country.


Each year, all students from Grade 7 to Grade 9 will participate in the OEP. By the end of Grade 9, it is hoped that they would have visited at least 4 different countries of different cultures and/or different stages of development.


Why OEP?


As the world becomes more interconnected and integrated, international mobility has increased rapidly. When our students enter their adulthood, they will be working with people from different nationalities of diverse cultures. It is important that our students develop their personal and social competencies as well as an intercultural understanding in order to successfully navigate their adult world.


OEP Learning Objectives


Each OEP has the following learning objectives:


· To increase students’ independence, maturity, confidence and self-awareness;

· To increase students’ competence in English language communication, social-interaction and collaboration skills;

· To generate greater interest in global and international issues;

· To cultivate a sense of mutual understanding through immersion in a multi-culturally diversified environment;

· To develop awareness of future study and career opportunities.


It is also hoped that through OEP, students will also gain a deeper understanding of their own cultures as distinct from others.